Saturday February 15, 2020 - Baringo Senator, Gideon Moi, was handed his father's silver-tipped ivory rungu, a symbolic gesture that anointed him heir of the family's political throne.
It was also a public declaration that the former President Daniel Moi had named his youngest son, Gideon, as his political successor. 

People familiar with the family revealed that Moi had told his entire family, years before his death, that Gideon was his preferred successor.

He then started mentoring him and went out of his way to hold the young Moi's hand as he cut his political teeth.

"It is the late Moi who pushed Gideon to join politics.”

“The Senator was reluctant and had other ideas, but his father insisted that he must vie for a political seat and seek to lead KANU.”

"Even after Gideon got into politics, his father kept guiding him on which path to follow or which leaders to work with as he established himself.”

“Everyone in the family knew," a source said.
Gideon's endorsement by the family could set the stage for a showdown with Deputy President William Ruto, as the battle for Rift Valley supremacy hits crescendo.

Gideon was not, in accordance with the Kalenjin tradition, expected to bypass his elder brothers, the late Jonathan and the second born Raymond, to take over the mantle as Mzee Moi's heir.

But a decision by President Moi's larger Chepkeres family to hand over the Nyayo rungu to him confirmed Moi's decision. 

With Gideon given the mantle, the Moi family has dispelled the possibility of any divisions among his four sons over their father's political succession.

There have been speculations of disquiet in the family, especially over the inheritance of Moi's multi-billion estate, as he appeared to favour Gideon.

What is known, albeit in hushed tones, is that Gideon was for a long time his father’s favourite, to the chagrin of his siblings, especially his elder brother, the late Jonathan.


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