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Thursday February 6, 2020 - Ex-President Daniel Arap Moi’s younger son, Gideon Moi, unsuccessfully tried to block Deputy President William Ruto from accessing the former President's Kabarnet residence.

This is after efficaciously barring Ruto from viewing the body of his father at Lee Funeral Home earlier on Tuesday.

Reliable sources have intimated that most of Moi’s family members rebuffed Gideon’s attempts to keep Ruto out.

Ruto is said to have landed at Kabarnet Gardens in his chopper after flying from Kakamega, where he had gone to condole with parents who lost their children in Monday's school stampede.

The DP stormed out of Lee Funeral morgue in rage after being denied access to Moi’s body, boarded his chopper and flew to Kakamega.

It is said that the DP's decision to fly directly to the residence was a smart move meant to outwit characters who were hellbent on keeping him out.


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  1. Man Gidi was left stone faced like a man who'd just swallowed a bitter pill of Malariaquine. Raymond saved the day and acted like a true statesman honourably welcoming and hosting the DP while his small brother was seated with a big frown on his face. Ni rambi rambi, do not cause an embarrassment to the family. Political and personal disputes should be set aside during this difficult time.

    I also saw the rest of govt behave very badly by not standing with the DP to announce funeral plans. The DP has followers and you are only turning tables on yourselves.

  2. If there's truth the DP was not allowed to view the body,it must be condemned on the basis of Christian brotherhood.