Thursday February 13, 2020 - Baringo Senator, Gideon Moi,  relieved mourners attending his father's burial on Wednesday with a humorous vote of thanks to all those who stood with the late Daniel arap Moi in his final journey.

While thanking doctors who treated Mzee Moi in his last days, Gideon made reference to his poor Swahili skills after referencing to a doctor as doktari as opposed to the proper word daktari.

He also teased Deputy President William Ruto, saying the DP needed serious prayers going by his looks.

He added that his long stay with the ailing Mzee had almost seen him qualify to be a doctor and could prescribe the proper medication to patients.
"Your Excellency, the long stay almost made me a daktari and it’s not doktari."

"Nkikuangalia hivi naweza sema upewe 5 milligrams ya dawa fulani."

"Nkiangalia DP naona apewe maombi."

"I see Rachael with all the love."

"Speaker na yeye aache hizi vitu," Gideon said as mourners, including the DP, applauded in laughter.

Gideon and Ruto maintained civility during the burial process despite being political enemies.

However, keen observers noticed the subtle signs of political differences playing out in the solemn ceremony.

Gideon acknowledged all the country's top leaders by name except for Ruto who he described simply as Deputy President.


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