Monday February 10, 2020 - Political analyst, Herman Manyora, has blown the lid on what he described as a plan to bring Gideon Moi into the helm of the country's leadership.

Speaking yesterday during an interview on K24’s Punchline, Manyora intimated that there were plans in the offing to ensure that power is returned to the dynasties as originally intended by the country's early leadership.

He insisted that the scramble had already begun and may manifest itself in 2022 with the endgame being in 2027 where Gideon Moi would ascend into power.

"Power must be in one place, and I have said this.”

“In 2022, everything will be a boardroom deal.”
“People will distribute positions in some boardroom, and the game has already started," he intimated.

He revisited the previous regimes where he opined that the country's leadership was being held on a caretaker basis to ensure that a few select families had a grip on power all the time.

Manyora further intimated that in 2022, ODM leader, Raila Odinga, is poised to come into power on a caretaker basis while Gideon was being prepared for the role in 2027.

"Just like Kibaki was needed to occupy the space temporarily and keep it for President Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila is meant to keep this space between 2022 and 2027 and keep it for Gideon.”

“You wait and see," Manyora revealed.

According to Manyora, Raila is a stop-gap measure, a safer bet to ensure that those needed to receive the power as originally intended would.

"With Raila, you are killing two birds with one stone.”

“You are getting a stop-gap person while at the same time you are paying the debt owed to Jaramogi and the Luo community.”

“This debt is bigger than that owed to DP William Ruto," Manyora said.


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  1. the brat has been an mpig and now a senator-pig with nothing to show for his constituent and county of Baringo. What will he do for the country if president - absolutely nothing but propagate poverty as is the case now. The country now had a son of a thief election vampire thief with an empty skull in running any nation on earth.
    It's time the citizen of Kenya should vote for an independent party president come 2022 and never vote for anything both vampires of the handshake cult in crime support or pitch for in 2021 to 2022.
    Not my vote GM come 2022.