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Saturday February 1, 2020 - President Uhuru Kenyatta  embarrassed Deputy President William Ruto yesterday after he dumped him in broad daylight.

While speaking in his native Kikuyu language at Kinangop, Nyandarua County, on Friday, Uhuru confessed how he had lost his belief in Ruto and his close allies who the Head of State had delegated to assist him launch projects across the country.

The President declared that he had taken upon himself to launch and inspect projects after finding out that most of them had stalled.

He further declared that he will desist from sending anyone, including Ruto, to launch projects on his behalf. 

"There is a main road here that has no electricity, including those houses where we started.”

“There’s no electricity and no... I have refused, it won't go like that.”

“We shall revisit.”

“We will not keep sending people, I told them that I kept sending them, but they would come back with their stories, so now I'll be the one bringing mine, I will not send anyone.”

"I'll come to see for myself, you give people respect but they throw mud at you, but no problem.”

“And I keep telling them, whatever you do to get what belongs to you.”

“If the public is not satisfied, you are cursed in their eyes, true or false?" Kenyatta lamented.

Uhuru urged members of the public not to believe in Ruto or anyone coming in his name.

"I no longer trust anyone.”

“Those I used to send to represent me and ensure that development projects are on the right track started behaving like hyenas and doing their own things to enrich themselves.”

“Let no one cheat you from today. I no longer trust anyone.”

"I have always told the leaders that we were elected to serve our people, not to politic, but they won't hear.”

“I was shocked to find that most areas in Kinangop have no electricity yet your leaders are moving across the County engaging in politics and insulting me.”

“These people have been coming to tell me lies that they are working and all is well on the ground," Kenyatta disclosed.


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