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Monday February 3, 2020 - MPs allied to Deputy President William Ruto have been directed to keep off President Uhuru Kenyatta’s meetings in Mt. Kenya region for their own good.

Speaking yesterday, an MP allied to Uhuru noted that only those from the Kieleweke camp will be allowed to attend Uhuru’s functions going forward.

County Commissioners have been instructed not to allow the rebel MPs, who are accused of maligning the President’s name, into the meetings.

“What is irking the President is that the MPs have been moving around saying Uhuru is a lame-duck President by the mere fact that he is serving his second and last term in office, and that they will not need his endorsement in 2022,” an MP who did not want to go on record said.

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru did not mince her words against the rebel politicians.

“Those opposed to the President’s agenda have chosen a political direction that opposes the President.”

“They spend Monday to Friday hurling insults at the President and his agenda,” Ms Waiguru said.

“To allow such leaders to attend his meetings and be accorded high profile status is to operate in dreamland,” she added.

“They have made their choice.”

“They should not expect to be given audience in the President’s meetings,” said the Governor.

Murang’a Senator, Irungu Kang’ata, said that respect to the President is vital.

“I want to urge my colleagues that they should not expect favours if they show disrespect to the President.”

“He is the one in command and the unity of the country revolves around him.”

“They should not go about badmouthing the symbol of national unity,” Mr. Kang’ata noted.

“Nobody can be chased from a presidential meeting without instructions,” Mr. Ngunjiri said, vowing not to attend any more of the President’s events.


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