February 9, 2020 - It has emerged that the late flashy gospel singer, Papa Dennis, who committed suicide by jumping from a building in Pangani, lived a fake life.

Papa Dennis once bragged that he is the richest musician in Kenya and added that he has more than Ksh 50 million stashed in his bank accounts but behind the scenes, he was struggling with life.

According to reports, the late singer was kicked out of  a lavish apartment that he had rented in Lavington after his fortunes dwindled, forcing him to sleep in a music studio located in the building which he jumped off to his death.

The youthful singer, who exhibited a flashy lifestyle on social media, occasionally showing off top of the range vehicles, only had a mattress at the time of his death.

He even lacked food and other basic items.

"He only had a mattress in one of the rooms in the studio; that was the only thing he went back to after spending the day searching where his meal would come from.
“Occasionally, he would be assisted by the owner of Nairobi Records, Mash Mjukuu."

"Upon learning that Papa Dennis had nowhere to go after being evicted from his furnished Lavington home over unpaid rent, Mjukuu offered to house him in the studio, and gave him a mattress” s renowned musician who knew the late singer  said.

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