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Monday February 10, 2020 - Self proclaimed National Resistance Movement (NRM) general, Miguna Miguna, has attracted the wrath of Kenyans after sharing a distasteful message characterised with a high level of ignorance in which he castigated former President Mwai Kibaki.

The loudmouth lawyer hit out at the former President over the shoes that he wore to Parliament when he went to view the body of late President Daniel Moi on Sunday.

Taking to social media, Miguna alleged that Kibaki looted the country dry and despite all the money that he has accumulated, he still could not manage to afford someone to dress him up.
"Kenyans pay retired presidents who have looted billions like Mwai Kibaki millions annually; hire dozens of servants including drivers, cooks, and bodyguards; and even build mansions with complete fuel stations, yet no one could dress up Kibaki with a decent pair of shoes today?" he posed.

However, Kenyans were not happy with Miguna Miguna’s comments and took time to educate him on why Kibaki wore such shoes.

Kenyans told Miguna Miguna that the shoes Kibaki wore were orthopaedic and are designed to suit the former president who has a mobility and spine problem.


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  1. these presidents of Kenyan should be dying one after the other, so that they never benefit from our taxes while in office for their crimes against GOD and the citizens of the republic of Kenya.