Friday, February 14, 2020 - Men rarely open up on their failings between the sheets because of the ego.

In fact, every man claims to be a tiger in bed and those who don’t measure up resort to using libido boosters - which are readily available in Chemists.

These sexual enhancement drugs are even outselling common painkillers like paracetamol, an indication that the situation on the ground is dire.

To put this into perspective, men took to twitter to open up on their embarrassing sexual encounters and from the tweets, it is evident why Viagra is a billion dollar industry.

Since men, who have failed to rise to the occasion before, tend to rely on libido boosters to save face, they end up being hooked forever.

It all started after a twitter user with the handle @Nec3ssary3vol tweeted: "Fellas... what the fastest a woman has ever made you nut? This is a safe place."

And men responded by sharing their embarrassing encounters.

See the posts below.


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