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Wednesday, February 19, 2020 - Kiss 100 presenter, Kamene Goro, has narrated how she caught her ex-husband cheating and the hilarious excuse the guy gave her.

The curvy media personality was once married to a Tanzanian fraudster masquerading as a businessman.

However, their marriage was short lived as she couldn’t put up with the guy’s philandering ways.

Speaking during her show on Kiss 100, Kamene said:

‘So we had gone to a pool party.

“He was thrown in the pool in the midst of this fun and he had his phone in his pocket."

“It was a Sunday and it was a public holiday so Monday was a holiday, long weekend."

“The next day we put his phone in rice but it was already dead."

“He put his sim card in my phone and then the phone was hanging so I told him to let me delete my old messages."

“As I am clearing, other messages keep coming in."

“In the last bundle, I see a string of messages from a girl called ‘Rufus’ saying “babe are you okay?”

“Asking if he got a phone. This means she was at the pool party because he did not have a phone."

“I didn’t say anything I handed over the phone stood up and left the room."

“He started shouting “no no no, babe it’s not me, it is the devil,”

“These cheaters need to be exposed."

“How are you in a relationship and cheating?"

“You are the devil himself."

"For me just do not stay committed and cheat, be single and do your thing that way you do not need to hurt anyone."

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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