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Thursday, February 20, 2020 - A lady has taken to social media and showed how she has transformed within a span of 10 years after walking out of an abusive marriage.

The lady narrated how she was married to an abusive man who made her a punching bag.

Despite being tormented by her abusive husband, she was afraid of walking out of the marriage.

Just like many women who are in abusive marriages, she was afraid of what her family members and the society will say if she divorces her husband.

Infact, her ex-husband used to mock her and tell her that no man can marry her if she walks out of the marriage because her value has depreciated. 

He used to mock and tell her that she looks like second hand mitumba clothes.

However, 10 years after divorcing the abusive man who was tormenting her, she has made major progress.

If you compare photos when she was married and now, you can clearly tell the difference.

See what she posted to encourage women who are in abusive marriages to walk out before it’s too late.


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