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Thursday, February 20, 2020 - Kenyans have heaped praise on a daring thief who stole bribe money that traffic police officers had collected from motorists in Embu County.

The hilarious incident happened at a roadblock along the Nairobi-Meru Highway on Wednesday.

The young man had been observing the bribe-taking cops and noticed that they kept the bribe money at a spot by the roadside.

The brave guy hid near the spot and while the cops were busy extorting more money from motorists, he grabbed the notes and took off.

According to a motorist who witnessed the incident, the cops were caught flat-footed since they couldn’t chase him as they were on the opposite side of the road.

Kenyans have celebrated the young man describing him as a hero who deserves a state medal.

See some of the reactions below.

Mure: “Congratulations. I think we need another holiday to celebrate this.”

Josey: “That thief should be awarded state commendation, i.e. EGH for stopping reggae on the stage.”

Fredrick: “More of such robberies will help shape traffic. I am sick of traffic police.”

Alembi: “This thief should address the nation.”

Pal: “Where should the police report to?”

Mwangi: “They finally got their match.”

Jason: “The greatest newsflash I have ever read online. Thank you thief for well-done job. He is a hero he deserves a presidential award, EBS.”

Evans: “That thief should be given a state commendation. And we hereby demand that the thief be provided with the fully armed security with immediate effect from today since his life might be in danger.”

John: “That’s not a thief, in fact you should be sued for defamation. He just recovered “our money” from the thieves. Kudos to him. That road should be renamed after him.”

Abdulrazack: “How many gangster points for daring thief? Not the daily thief.”

Edwin: “Literal meaning of tackling #corruption head-on.”


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  1. Aaaaaargh corrupt traffic cops are truly the scumbags of the earth. The kid is spot on for taking that money....hahaha i can just picture the dumb-ass cops jaws dropping to the floor as the kid does a grab da loot and dashes off to eat the sweat of Kenyans. I hope he invests and become supper rich.