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Tuesday February 4, 2020 - A curious netizen has wondered why Kenyans are grieving over the death of former President Daniel Moi who passed away on Tuesday morning due to old age.

Moi, 95, ruled the country for 24 years and political analysts characterize his leadership with poverty, unemployment, detentions, institutionalized tribalism, nepotism and theft of public resources.

Revered blogger Lord Abraham Mutai wondered why Kenyans are mourning the death of a thief who raped the lives of many Kenyans during his 24-year dictatorial regime.

“Why are we mourning a thief?”

“A holiday for someone who looted and bankrupted and stashed in private accounts abroad?”

“We can't even use the opportunity to remember those who were tortured and killed during his brutal regime.”

“Humanity sometimes though.”

“Sorry, I mean Africans though,” Mutai said.

According to research conducted by a British firm, Moi and his family are among African families who have stashed billions of dollars abroad as their countrymen continue dying of hunger and live in extreme poverty.


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  1. ''Mutai''
    Whereas you are entitled to share your opinion here, it is immoral for you to bring up your untimely sentiments. You should have adduced impeccable evidence in a court of law while he was still alive! Unfortunately this is similar to spilled milk! Please do lick your wounds alone!

  2. Whereas you are entitled to express your opinion freely! It is hypocritical and immoral that you are doing it untimely! Why didn't you adduce your evidence in a court of law when he was still alive? Shame on you!