Monday February 10, 2020 - President Uhuru Kenyatta drove himself on Sunday to Nyayo National Stadium where he oversaw the preparations for the memorial service of former President Daniel Arap Moi that is set for Tuesday.

During the abrupt visit by the son of Jomo, hawk eyed journalists and photographers were restricted from taking pictures of the President as he arrived to inspect the ongoing work at the stadium, and those who had taken pictures were forced to delete them.
Impeccable sources said that Uhuru was incensed by the jostling and hankering of some officers to mine political capital out of the death he describes as a personal loss.

The President was infuriated that senior officers want to hijack the event by competing for camera attention instead of preparing the country to come to terms with the death of his political mentor.

He told the organisers to expedite the work and stop jostling for positions since Kenyans are mourning the death of their former President.


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