Friday February 14, 2020 - The family of Kahawa Wendani MCA, Cyrus Omondi alias gearbox, has asked the government to investigate the cause of his death.

Omondi, who was on official duty in India, was found dead in his hotel room in the suburbs of Mumbai City on Wednesday.

Though the preliminary doctor's report shows that the MCA died of a heart attack, his family suspect foul play in the murder.

While noting that Omondi never showed signs of bad health, his mother, Millicent Achieng, said that she doubted reports that he suffered a heart attack.

“What I am hearing - that my son died of a heart attack in a hotel room - is strange.”

“Cyrus never had any health problems.”

“We are optimistic that the post-mortem will tell the truth,” Achieng said.

Sources said Omondi was killed because he was very instrumental in the impeachment of former Kiambu Governor, Ferdinand Waititu.

Omondi was among those who steered the impeachment motion that saw Waititu ousted and replaced by James Nyoro as Governor.


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