Monday February 10, 2020 - The Government will provide a soda and a loaf of bread to the first 30,000 mourners who will attend former President Daniel Arap Moi’s burial in Kabarak on Wednesday, Rift Valley Region Coordinator, George Natembeya, has said.

Speaking on Monday, Natembeya, who addressed the media promised to also give a program and seats to the first group of people.

"We will have some snacks for the first thirty thousand people."

"Watapewa soda, mkate, maji, program ya siku hiyo na mahali pa kukaa," Natembeya said.
(..They will be given soda, bread, the program, water and seats).

Natembeya said that security has been heightened in the area and that school buses in Nakuru County will be transporting people to Kabarak.

"Ningependa kuwasihi wakaazi wa Nakuru wajitokeze wakuje kwa wingi, maana Mzee Moi alikuwa akipenda Nakuru ,"

(I urge residents of Nakuru to attend the burial in large numbers because Moi loved Nakuru)

He said screens will be available at Nakuru Afraha Stadium to stream the event for those who will not be able to go to Kabarak

Natembeya also ruled out claims that the body of the late President will be viewed at Afraha Stadium. 

He said public viewing will end on Monday at the Parliament Buildings.


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