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Monday February 3, 2020 - Former President Daniel Moi's family has issued another update about his health condition in 2020.

Speaking yesterday, Moi's long-serving Press Secretary, Lee Njiru, said that the former President was still admitted at Nairobi Hospital and was receiving specialised treatment.

"He is okay, he is still in hospital and he is under the care of a professional medical team.”

“As regards the specifics of his treatment, there is nothing much I can say because that is a medical field."
"I can only put out what I have been authorised to by his medical team.”

“He is still there (at Nairobi Hospital)," stated Njiru.

Moi was admitted in Nairobi Hospital in October after he developed difficulties in breathing.

He was later discharged a few days later before being rushed back for the second time in two weeks.

However, Njiru played down fears at the time noting that it was a routine medical check-up.

"It is true that Mzee Moi went to Nairobi Hospital today (Monday, October 28, 2019) but it was a routine medical check-up.”

"It is prudent and advisable that everybody should go for a medical check-up, so Mzee Moi went for a medical check-up," Njiru played coy at the time.


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