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Saturday February 22, 2020 - Emurua Dikirr MP, Johana Ng’eno, has accused moderators of the Narok Consultative Building Bridges Initiative meeting that took place on Friday of allowing tribal alienation and hate speech sentiments.

Ng’eno and other non-Maasai delegates stormed out of the Narok conference after what they termed as “organised and planned attack on our community'.

The outspoken MP said it was sad that irrespective of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s and ODM leader, Raila Odinga's assurance of inclusiveness, they were threatened and had no option but to leave the meeting for fear of their safety.

Ng’eno walked out with a large delegation of mainly Trans Mara MCAs.

They wondered why some speakers allegedly expressed issues in the Maasai language, leaving non-Maa speaking residents out.

“Some speakers alleged that outsiders should not to be allowed to own more than five acres of land and that local political positions, especially in Ololulung’a Ward where Jefferson Langat is the MCA, must be led by indigenous Maasai,” the MP said.

They vowed not to attend today’s meeting in Narok over isolation and tribalism.

He added that as leaders who call Narok home, they will ask for a comprehensive meeting to discuss the way forward.

He was in the company of Narok Deputy Governor, Evalyn Aruasa, and other MCAs from the County.

“One of the speakers in that convention even suggested that the Deputy Governor cannot be the Governor in case the current one dies in office,” Ng'eno claimed. 

“Even if we are a minority tribe living in this county, we are Kenyans and have the right to own property here."

"Narok is our home and no one has a right to intimidate us,” he added.

He said what came out clear in the conference is that non-Maasai communities should not be allowed to contest for any political seats in Narok.

“We started to move out of the meeting when they began to abuse us in their language,” the MP said.


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