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Wednesday February 5, 2020 - Former President Daniel Arap Moi had written a will to be buried at his Kabarak home.

It’s the same Kabarak home that his late wife, Lena Moi, was buried.

The two had separated for years but the family allowed her to be buried at Kabarak.

After separation, Moi never remarried.

According to family sources, Mzee was fond of his Kabarak residence where he kept herds of cows and cherished them.

The family source ruled out Mzee being buried next to late founding father of the nation, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, at parliamentary grounds.

Some Government officials have been pushing for a burial at Parliament but Moi wanted to be buried at his rural set up just like his South African counterpart, the late Nelson Mandela.


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  1. Wakenya, mashamba mtajaza kaburi. People should accept that it is normal and better you are burried in a cemetary than everyone filling the already scarce shambas. Mois should be burried next to Mzee Kenyatta.