Friday, February 14, 2020 - Controversial gospel singer, Kevin Bahati, has caused a stir on social media after bragging about having marathon sex with his wife, Diana, on Valentine’s Day.

Taking to Instagram, Bahati shared a photo of himself and Diana ready to board a plane and revealed that he is taking Diana to an undisclosed location for marathon sex.

“#Valentines Taking Her to an Undisclosed Destination… 
Somebody Say TWA TWA TWAAA,” read Bahati’s cheeky caption.

His post attracted wild reactions from a section of his fans and we have sampled a few below.

Mungai Bastian: This Bahati might be choking monkey like the rest of us 😂
philly_mghoi: 😂 twa twa baby on the way #baby dunia AKA earth in the making
gash_webbo: Si uache apone na alizaa tu juzi…bahati wewe na wewe nktest
Boniface Ndeleva: Enda mkamangane na uwache kutupigia na twa twa twa zako hapo…,,enda umange kashosho kako pole pole hatukataki
Torrey Vega: TWA TWA TWA…TWA waombea,twawaombea,twawaombea kwa Mungu Baba Mwenyezi Muumba😌
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  1. This are pagans and not Christians, if you ask them the meaning of valentines they don't know just copy cats this are bogus Kenyans who think they are like kim-kadashrians thanks to you tube imewatafutia kazi.