Friday January 24, 2020 - President Uhuru Kenyatta and Chief Justice David Maraga have reconciled after years of bad blood between the two.

The two reconciled during the launch of the State of the Judiciary and Administration of Justice Annual Report (SOJAR) for 2018/2019.

Uhuru met with Chief Justice David Maraga and the two had a rare discussion on some of their recent public differences but promised to work towards the same agenda of serving Kenyans.

Maraga was first to speak where he recognized that some of his comments had been misinterpreted by the media especially in claiming that he was equal to the President who heads the Executive while he (the CJ) heads the Judiciary.

"I have some few issues in my last Press Conference in December which have been misunderstood.”
“I respect authority.”

“I would be the last person to stand ni kama nakusomea (to sound like I’m lecturing you)."

On social media, they said two heads of government were fighting but that is not correct.”

“Your Excellency, mimi si rika yako. We play in different leagues, you are in the senior league.”

“I’m in the junior level- same league with the speakers of the National Assembly and the Speaker of the Senate.”

“The President is not only the head of the executive, he is also the head of state and the unifying factor,” Maraga said.

When President Kenyatta rose to speak, he admitted that he was in a happy mood and admitted that he will leave out some of his attacks on the Judiciary.

I’m happy to hear from the Chief Justice that this year will be a year we will get answers to some of these issues…(kuna ingine kali hapa ntatoa leo tumekubali ni amani (I had some harsh comments here which I will skip because we have agreed to peace),” Kenyatta stated amid uproar from the Judges.

I wish we could have more meetings,” a jovial President Kenyatta told Maraga while making his closing remarks.


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