Monday January 27, 2020 - Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader, Raila Amolo Odinga, has finally revealed his net worth – a figure that has shocked the nation.

Speaking during an interview with NTV yesterday, Raila said that he is worth only Sh 2 billion. 

He asked Kenyans to ignore the narrative that he has made his wealth through dubious means adding that the resources he owns are too meagre not as many people always thought.

Raila noted that he is not corrupt and he has generated his wealth through hard work and commitment.

He explained that he has served in different capacities in Government during which he used the earnings from the same to invest in different sectors of the economy.

"I am not rich.”

“I am only worth about Ksh. 2 billion shillings," he said.

The ODM leader revealed that his net worth is not in terms of cash but also includes shares he owns in companies across the country.

"My wealth comes from properties, I also have lots of shares from companies.”

“I am saying not in cash, this is in terms of shares basically" he added.

The opposition chief noted that he does not support the idea of people acquiring wealth through dubious means, adding that corruption is unacceptable as far as leadership is concerned.


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