Wednesday January 15, 2020 - Political analyst, Professor Herman Manyora, has cautioned former Agriculture CS, Mwangi Kiunjuri, against daring President Uhuru Kenyatta because it is a war that he can't actually win.

Speaking at an interview yesterday, Manyora said that Uhuru has the power to drop a tonne on Kiunjuri for every kilo that he brings with him.

He noted that whenever a President wants to descend on someone, then it's definite that one will crush.

"My advice to Mwangi Kiunjuri is, don't dare the President.”
“Every Kilo you bring he'll bring a tonne.”

“If the President wants to descend on you, you will crash," said the Professor.

He advised the young politician to watch carefully by avoiding making mistakes, claiming that the President has devised a strategy to deal firmly with rogue leaders.

"Uhuru's strategy is to deal with the leaders."

"My advice to the young politicians is to look at Uhuru carefully," he added.

This follows a nasty press conference where Kiunjuri stated that he will keep cool at the moment but any action towards him will result in a reaction from him.

"For any action, there will be reaction."

"You keep it cool, I keep it cool," Mwangi Kiunjuri said.


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