Saturday, January 25, 2020 - Sarah Kabu, the wife of Bonfire Adventures CEO, Simon Kabu, has taken to social media to rant about slay queens who have been seducing her husband.

She shared a message of a slay queen  single mother trying to seduce her husband through facebook.

The single mother of one begged the rich CEO to be his secret lover and confessed that she has a crush on him.
Sarah, who has build a business empire in the tour and travel industry with her husband, claims she is fed up with slay queens who want to wreck her marriage.

She further urged mothers to teach their young daughters manners after seeing how slay queens are seducing her rich husband.

“Wooiii...Ladies help me with a good response message to #slayqueens sending DMs to my husband accounts coz they are now getting into my nerves... mothers you better educate your daughters coz wameharibika sana... we were not taught to katia men they should persuade us” she posted on her official Instagram page and shared a screenshot message of a lady she describes as a slay queen seducing her husband.

Here's Simon Kabu and his wife who fears that slay queens may wreck her marriage.


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