Friday January 24, 2020 - Deputy President Dr William Ruto has asked leaders to stop using BBI to divide the country noting that BBI was not an outfit for a given party or individual rather a process for all Kenyans.

Speaking at Mowlem Supa Loaf Primary School, Ruto dismissed former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and his allies who are purporting to own the BBI.

He noted that his Tanga Tanga team does not need anybody’s invitation to attend BBI rallies.

"We are backing BBI not because we have been invited by anybody, we are not visitors in Kenya, we are not refugees.”

“You are inviting us as who? You have no power.”

“We are Kenyans and BBI is our process," Ruto said.

He cautioned politicians that had ruled the Tanga Tanga team as an anti-BBI outfit to be on the lookout as they are fully behind the BBI.
"We are participating in BBI because the Bomas BBI report was accepted by the Kenyans.”

“We have seen a number of politicians that want to hijack the process to abuse us and advance their political push and sharing powers," Ruto remarked.

"Leaders should stop discriminating on who to attend the meetings.”

“BBI is not for the rich when you share powers and divide seats among yourselves; do youth think the hustlers will get opportunity.”

“We want BBI to accommodate even the hustlers to get their share," he added.

He retaliated that BBI should include ordinary Kenyans, by addressing their issues such as job and economic opportunities, instead of it being about position and power play.

"We won't allow BBI to be about sharing position and powers, accommodating peoples of status.”

“It must be about every Kenyan irrespective of their position," Ruto said.


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