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Monday January 13, 2020 - Political analyst and University of Nairobi lecturer, Herman Manyora, has revealed a very elaborate plan by ODM leader, Raila Odinga, and President Uhuru Kenyatta to systematically lock Deputy President William Ruto out of power.

Speaking during an interview with the media, Manyora stated that the projects jointly launched by Odinga and Kenyatta were long term and needed political power in order to be turned into reality.

He said that this would be a good reason for the two to hold on to power under the assumption that only they can deliver the envisioned results. 
"I listened to Uhuru and Raila on the steps of Harambee House, and I read the nine-point agenda that they came up with.”

“I have followed keenly and I am sure there is something they want to do for this country.”

“They feel so strongly about that.”

"So a question to my friends, especially the Tanga Tanga would be, would you trust another person with the Presidency to do that thing intended by the two especially after 2022?" he posed.

According to Manyora, the current partnership by Kenyatta and Odinga was aimed at planning the re-engineering of the political environment in the country which will require them to stay in power beyond 2022.

"This country needs to be changed."

"We need to re-engineer the politics of this country."

"They are saying that they have tried everything and it has failed, including the constitution and all other things."

"There is that big thing that they want to do and cannot entrust responsibility to someone else," he stated with finality.


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  1. even if that's the may be the case of the two vampires: they may drop dead just like that cos of the HIGH CALLING PUTTING THEM TO A SADDEN STOP FOR THE COMMON GOOD OF THE REPUBLIC OF KENYA.

    Its simple as that.