Tuesday January 7, 2020 - Former Mukurweini MP, Kabando wa Kabando, has challenged President Uhuru Kenyatta to get rid of Deputy President William Ruto and steer development.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, Kabando described Uhuru as a great leader but was surrounded by people who were lying to him.

He insinuated that the Head of State could counter claims of being a 'lame-duck President' by taking action and getting rid of merchants of impunity.

"Is Uhuru singularly culpable for an economic slump?"

"Though not exactly, I too blame him for failing to act when he should.”

“The buck stops at [sic] him.”
“But excusing DP as mere ‘makanga (tout)’ is being both dishonest and escapist.”

“Fact: Ruto symbolizes corruption. He’s the 'highest priest.”

"I don’t support Uhuru because he’s the best or hasn’t failed.”

“Nay. I support my president because I know if he’s freed from merchants of impunity, and Ruto, he means well.”

“That’s why he must stick with Raila."

"But we must enroll other nationalists," stated the former lawmaker.

"It's time Uhuru boldly called the bluff on Ruto.”

“Time is fast running out on him.”

“His so-called backyard’s restlessness is escalating dangerously.”

“His men are lying to him.”

“Things are elephant but he can reverse the lame-duck status by acting," he continued.

"His statement in Parliament that MPs must have the right to speak boldly. I thought that was an apt, sincere tribute," added Kabando.

Since March 2018, Jubilee Party has experienced a rift with two different factions, tanga tanga and kieleweke, attacking each other over Uhuru and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga's alliance.


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