Wednesday January 22, 2020 - Central Bank of Kenya has reportedly raided William Ruto’s bank accounts with a view of investigating corruption and money laundering allegations.

Ruto has been making hefty contributions in churches ahead of the 2022 General Elections, something that has caused a lot of discomfort in Government, forcing the agencies to act.

The push by CBK was from powerful forces surrounding Uhuru Kenyatta who fear Ruto is using his money to buy MPs and may use the legislators to impeach Uhuru thus landing at State House during the remaining two years in power.

With Ruto in power albeit interim, it will be difficult to remove him come 2022 elections.

In fact, those behind the handshake claim that it was well crafted to tame Ruto’s influence in Parliament as he controls majority of Jubilee MPs and has started earning support of opposition MPs in Coast, Kisiiland, Luhyaland and Rift Valley to his side.

Also being investigated are bank accounts of Ruto’s wife, Rachel, eldest son Nick Kipkurgat, Personal Assistant Farouk Kibet and Isaac Maiyo.

On the CBK’s radar include Ruto’s 2022 presidential financiers among them David Muge, Mary Mungai, Paul Ndung’u, CS Charles Keter and former CS, Henry Rotich.


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  1. DP be encouraged with the wisdom that is on the Holy Bible.

    Your schemes have proved to the world, that your support during their election was very important and the looser has realised their misfortunes was as a result you left them to run their own show.

    It's a fact you are a blessed with wisdom and knowledge against all those who have now joined forces to bring you down and making all project your initiated don't kick off to the benefits of the intended citizens of the republic of Kenya.

    If you and all these evil schemer we before Jesus as the lady found prostituting and the same question asked to them, if they no crime be the fast to stone you. In actual fact, all these schemes are as evil as Lucifer. Today, they've come up with the scripts from Lucifer in the name of BBI. BBI will not solve the problems in Kenya. It's a script of the same devils who never resign from power and party each election, when they are not relevant to any nation on each and the citizens of the republic of Kenya.

    Heavenly Father, if you are lessening, please run down all the schemes of these evil people who have plotted the downfall of the DP and are planning to introduce Lucifer script to the citizens of Kenya. May you open the eyes of all voter citizens and Bolden them and open their eyes so that they see all the schemes of these children of the devil. Bring them down one by one each minute that passes. It's better for the Republic of Kenya, that you take back the gift of breath, that they never plan any evil earthly bills that don't promote the free will of life a cross all the land of Kenya. LORD, we the citizen of Kenya have had enough of these people. Bless Kenya and protect Kenya against these children of the devil. We claim and receive our prayer request in you Holy Name. Amen and Amen.