Thursday January 16, 2020 - Exiled lawyer, Miguna Miguna, is not alone in his much-publicized call for a revolution in Kenya.

On Thursday, Miguna's son, Biko Miguna, came out in solidarity with his father who has been stranded in Germany after the Kenyan Government declined to obey court orders requiring it to facilitate the lawyer’s return to Kenya.

Biko, who is named after the South African anti-apartheid hero, Steve Biko, posted a photo of his father addressing a Press Conference in Berlin, Germany, where he cheered his dad's movement - the NRM Kenya.

"The NRMKE remains fearless," the 23-year old said after which he used a photo of his father in Germany as his profile picture.

Despite his no-nonsense public persona, Miguna is not afraid to profess his love for his family which he says is his pillar of strength.

"My children are very supportive of my return to Kenya.”

“They keep encouraging me to fight on because they are a lot like me.”

“The only one who is worried is my wife," Miguna said shortly after he was forcefully exiled in 2018.


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