Tuesday, January 8, 2020 - Richard Wangai, a 40 year old Kenyan man, jumped from the 7th floor of Adlife Plaza near Yaya Centre and died after he reportedly lost Ksh 15 million in a casino in Kilimani.

The man is said to have arrived at the building at 4pm on Monday and remained within the premises until 5pm when he committed suicide.

A CCTV clip retrieved from the building shows the man hanging on the building’s stairs in deep thought.

He attempts to jump several times and retracts before finally making up his mind.

He jumped from the top floor of the building and died on the spot.

Watch CCTV footage.


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  1. it's foolish of the county engineers. how on earth was this building given occupation certificate with corridor above 3 storey have hand rail than rail barrier from floor level to ceiling level.

    Such building if any in the country should be condemned as the fucking jubilee abyss regime run by an election vampire thief.

    EBK a usual of moribund engineers with road show polices on nothing but copy paste polices - with such design default attract suicide folks for free.