Saturday, January 25, 2020 - The family of Mr Athman Mohammed is crying for justice after their kin was abducted in Mombasa while coming from a mosque.

CCTV footage shared by Haki Africa, a human rights organization, shows Mohammed walking in a busy street while talking on the phone.

Two men are seen following him closely.

One man was reportedly holding a white cloth which is suspected to have been laced with drugs.

A white Toyota Landcruiser Registration number KCD 594 S then drives in front of him and immediately the Landcruiser stops, the two men abduct him and force him into it.

The car then speeds away.
Mohammed was abducted on January 16, 2020 (about a week ago) and since then, his family has not traced him.

It’s suspected that he was abducted by the dreaded Anti-Terror Police Unit (ATPU).

Here’s a statement released by Haki Africa concerning Mohammed's abduction  and the CCTV footage that shows how he was abducted.
See CCTV  footage of the abduction.


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