Monday January 6, 2020 - Slain Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps boss, General Qassem Soleimani, plotted attacks in Kenya before his death, a top US official has said.

In a statement to Americans, US Vice President Mike Pence, without giving details, said Soleimani had planned attacks in Kenya which were yet to materialise.

“(Soleimani) directed IRGC QF terrorist plots to bomb innocent civilians in Turkey and Kenya in 2011,” the US VP said.

This comes even as Al Shaabab terrorists struck Manda, in Lamu, where several people were killed.

US President Donald Trump announced that the US killed Soleimani “to stop a war, not to start one”.
The Communist Party of Kenya condemned the killing and accused the US Government of eliminating General Soleimani because it feared his growing influence in the Middle East.

“Soleimani and the IRGC played and continued to play the most crucial role in neutralising al-Qaeda, IS and other terrorist formations in the Middle East.”

“An enigmatic general who led from the frontlines, Soleimani was an active supporter of the Palestinian freedom cause,” Benedict Wachira, the Secretary General of the party, said.

General Soleimani was killed following an order by US President Donald Trump on Friday in Baghdad, Iraq.

The military officer has been mourned in the Arab world as a hero, despite being accused of sympathising with terrorists by the US.


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