Tuesday January 7, 2020 - Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura has revealed the intrigues surrounding the Kenyan political scene.

Speaking during an interview, Mwaura opened up about a cabal that he referred to as Deep State, which he stated was a group of unknown influential individuals playing a role in every major political decision in the country.

"In this country, it is not about the man in the queue to cast the vote.”

“Did you see the recent serialization of the role Cambridge Analytica played in Jubilee's victory?"

"It is no longer about you queuing and voting but about who counts and who gets declared," he stated.

Mwaura alleged that the role of the hidden hand manifested itself in the 2007 elections where ODM leader, Raila Odinga, lost to the incumbent Mwai Kibaki in the controversial polls.
"Talking about the Deep State, I would urge you to look at Raila Odinga.”

“He has always had the people on his side, but has he ever won?"

"In 2007, he won but could not be declared president.”

“He had to share power."

"Kibaki appointed 17 ministers in advance and left 17 empty slots for the other leader because he knew very well that the elections had been manipulated," Mwaura narrated.

He also stated that the group reared its head again in 2013 and 2017 with a more advanced means of ensuring that their political interests were secured, a matter that has carried on to date.

"Nowadays, there is the science of manipulating crowds from a distance.”

“It is very sophisticated and there are people who have specialized in these tactics so that whatever they present to you is not exactly grounded in reality,"


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