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Tuesday January 6, 2020 - Self-styled lawyer, Miguna Miguna, may not be returning to Kenya as anticipated after all.

This is after he claimed that he has been barred from leaving Germany ahead of his scheduled return to Kenya.

Speaking to Hot 96 on Tuesday morning, Miguna said German authorities have been instructed not to allow him board any flight to JKIA or any other African country.

"In fact, the Kenya Government has demanded that Lufthansa must refund my fare.”

“They have demanded that Lufthansa should not fly me into any other African country, either," stated Miguna.
"Lufthansa flight manager is saying that the Government of Kenya must send official communication to Lufthansa at Frankfurt office before I can be allowed to fly to Kenya or any other African country,” he added.

The firebrand lawyer said that the red alert was issued by the Office of the President in Kenya.

Miguna was set to return to Kenya today after he was dramatically deported last year for illegally swearing in NASA leader, Raila Odinga, as the People’s President, but with the situation in Germany, it now remains to be seen how things will turn out for him.

President Uhuru Kenyatta had already set the stage for Miguna’s return.


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