Here are the new rules that Kenyan ladies are secretly forwarding to each other on WhatsApp.

They claim that they are enlightenig each other and business will not be usual in 2020.

1. You attract what you are so work on your looks, dressing , language etc. Act classy hata kama uko broke.

2. Men with money are found in the rich areas of town. Don't expect to bump into a rich nigga huko mukuru kwa jenga.

3. Those who like going out on their own either for fun or hunting, don't go there dressed like a stripper. You will only attract fuck boys with nothing to offer. Dress decent, that will make you stand out coz 99% of ladies go to clubs looking like strippers. Na hakuna kushinda ukizungusha macho kona zote ni Kama unatafuta mtu amepotea. Kaa kwa counter na uteremshe kamnyweso yako pole pole . make sure its not the cheapest drink coz that will say a lot about you.

4.You are worth what you accept. Men will treat you the way you allow them to. Learn to say NO and be firm when they don't meet your expectations.

5. Don't get emotionally attached to this sons of pharaoh! Over emotional women cannot win this game. Learn to keep your emotions to yourself. Get in a relationship with a goal.

6. Do not give it up till your expectations are met. Pay attention to actions not words. Men will always want sex and you will always want money. Nisione mtu akipost eti how to ask for money or when to ask for money! If he isn't scared to ask for sex why are you scared to ask for money? Don't open your legs for empty promises. We deal with actions baby

7.Hizi post za anga I started from scratch with him then he dumped me after amefanikiwa nisizione 2020! Hii tabia ya kua bob the builder tunakemea na kukataa! Kila mtu a grow pekeake tupatane mbele. The reason they dump you is because they never loved you in the first place! You are what he can afford for now but once he gets stable he goes for his dream girl! Stay woke bitches!

8.Halafu kuna hii breed ya kulea wanaume( pick meisha ) please hio ujinga tuache 2019. Hata bible inasema a man should provide not the other way round. Utamlea and he will use your money to cheat on you.

9. There is this breed of comfortably broke men (dustys) please rebuke them in the name of Jesus. They will drain you to the last coin then move on to the next target like nothing happened.

10.Stop bringing men to your house. That is how you end up babysitting grown ass men. I know some of you will still bring them so if he comes empty handed kaeni hapo muangaliane hadi socks zake zigeuke chapo mkule.

11. There is this other breed of men who like saying anga they like their women with natural hair, they like their women without make up. This is just a way to keep you from asking them for money and to keep other men from approaching you. He will tell you to stay natural and go cheat with someone with makeup. If he found you doing wigs and makeup don't stop doing it because of him. He knows people will be attracted to you that's why he will try to talk you out of it.

12. Don't quit your job for a man. That is how you give him power to treat you like trash.
13. Stop looking for validation from these men. Most of you bring men home and even have sex with them because you want validation from them. You may say you did it because you wanted to but deep down you know you wanted validation.

14. Avoid talking too much when on a date. Let him do the talking and you will find out so much about him. A quiet woman is a mysterious woman and men like that. He will want to take you out again.

15.How to answer some of their questions

Q: What do you do for a living
A: Whatever it takes to pay my bills
Q: When are you inviting me to your place
A: I don't bring men home ( if he insists mwambie nyumba halipi rent aachane nayo)
Q: I hope you are not a gold digger
A: I hope you are not a user
Q: You sound like a whore
A: It takes a son of a whore to know a whore.
Q: Are you seeing someone?
A: Not really( The answer should always be NO)
Q: Why are you single
A: I have a few things am working on. I want to build myself before settling down ( don't say anga you were once heartbroken. That sounds weak)
Q: Why did you last relationship end?
A: He died, he moved out of the country
. Tag a friend to tag a friend. Be your sister's keeper.


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