Thursday January 16, 2020 - President Uhuru Kenyatta  surprised Kenyans on Tuesday when he announced a Cabinet reshuffle and axed Mwangi Kiunjuri as Agriculture Cabinet Secretary.

Sources close to the Presidency said the Son of Jomo left Nairobi on Monday evening to Mombasa where he held consultation with his close advisors over Tuesday’s Cabinet reshuffle.

However, it emerged that the President had met former Prime Minister Raila Odinga in Mombasa on Monday, for a lengthy meeting which lasted more than four hours.
The two met at Raila Odinga’s residence in Nyali and they discussed a wide range of issues including te Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) and the looming Cabinet reshuffle.

“They met on Monday from 11am to early afternoon and no one was allowed in,” said a source privy to operations of the former Premier.

Raila is said to have left Mombasa the same day for Arusha, Tanzania, where he spent the night before returning to Mombasa the following day to preside over a high level Lamu Port Southern Sudan-Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET) corridor meeting at a Mombasa hotel.


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  1. Who cares let them enjoy their new found friendship as long as it last.However much the president is influenced in appointing, the bucks stop at him as the appointing authority and head of state.

  2. That's the best way to go. It a fantastic moment to see the son of jomo Kenyatta that of jaramogi oginga odinga are working together for the sake of peace of this country. I love it.

    1. What peace? Watch this space. There are chaos coming soon. Uhuru made a very huge mistake. Dividing people in the name of power and positions while him and Raila are getting richer awarding themselves contracts. Mama Ngina is running the country for you information. Uhuru amekuwa puppet.