Sunday January 26, 2020 - Makadara MP, George Aladwa, has revealed how Deputy President William Ruto was embarrassed and humiliated when he visited Embakasi West Constituency on Thursday.

In an interview with Radio Jambo on Saturday, Aladwa, who is an ODM sycophant, explained how Dr. William Ruto toured the area without local administrators.

Aladwa, who is also ODM’s Nairobi chairman, said that the DP is unwanted in Government, hence the reason why he was not accompanied by even a single location chief.
The ODM MP also faulted the DP for not picking hints that the State seems to be distancing itself from him.

"In Embakasi West, Ruto went to launch projects without even a single chief."

"Can't he see that something is amiss? (Embakasi West Ruto alienda kufungua miradi na hakuna hata chief mmoja, haoni kuna shida hapo?)," he posed.

He also questioned the absence of police officers who should be in his company, pointing out that only traffic officers were with him.

"How do you address people in the absence of the police, with only traffic officers?"

"To an extent that even the host MP is laughing? (Wewe unaenda kuhutubia watu na hata polisi hakuna, ni traffic tu, hata mbunge anacheka)," he said.


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  1. The stone that the builders rejected has become a corner stone.