Sunday, January 12, 2020 - There are several brothels in Nairobi’s CBD, where thirsty men flock to buy sex from prostitutes.

Most of these brothels are disguised as clubs but behind the scenes, prostitution is the main business that takes place there in dingy rooms that are located therein.

A city resident accessed different brothels in the city that operate as clubs and filmed secretly.

He started at the infamous Sabina Joy Club, which is one of the most popular brothels in Nairobi.

At Sabina Joy, there are hundreds of prostitutes who camp there day and night to look for clients.

Young women, some of whom have daytime jobs and only go there after work to sell sex, parade themselves like tomatoes in a market by rocking skimpy dresses that expose their flesh.
The notorious brothel that has been in existence for decades is always busy with activity as men move in and out to satisfy their sexual thirst.

The same thing happens in other brothels in the CBD which are disguised as clubs that were filmed secretly.

This is a must watch video.

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