Sunday January 26, 2020 - The International Criminal Court (ICC) has cleared the air on claims by Deputy President William Ruto that some individuals are seeking to revive the ICC case against him to his detriment.

The ICC declared its stand following DP Ruto's allegations during an interview with NTV on Thursday.

"The office of the prosecutor cannot comment on speculations." the statement read. 

The ICC made it clear that when DP Ruto's charges were dismissed, the court still kept the case open subject to the discovery of fresh evidence that could warrant fresh prosecution.
"As you are aware, on April 5, 2016, Trial Chamber V (A) vacated the charges against William Samoei Ruto and Joshua Arap Sang, without prejudice to the prosecution bringing a new case in the future, or in a different form, in light of new evidence," the statement was quoted.

The ICC made it clear that the door was still open should there be new evidence, but did not clarify on whether it had received the said evidence or was re-examining the case. 

The Hague-based court also clarified that it was within its mandate to receive any information pertaining to the alleged crime from any individual regardless of geographical location. 

"As a general matter, in accordance with Article 15 of the Rome Statute, the founding Treaty of the ICC, any individual or group from anywhere in the world may send information on alleged crime to the ICC prosecutor who is duly-bound to protect the confidentiality of the information received.”

"The office analyzes any such materials submitted, as appropriate, in accordance with the Rome Statute and with full independence and impartiality," the ICC was quoted.


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