Sunday January 5, 2020 - Veteran politician, Koigi Wamwere, has asked Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader, Raila Odinga, to retire from politics and let the younger generation take over the mantle of the Orange Party.

In an interview with Radio Ya Mwananchi on Saturday, Koigi, who is the former Subukia MP, said that Raila's contribution to the country is enough, and he should now leave the field for others.

He warned the ODM leader against proceeding with his presidential bid, pointing out that he has taken enough shots at the top seat already.
According to Koigi, Raila is no longer likely to win the Presidency, and should either abandon his bid, or suffer more defeats in future.

"Raila has tried but has been unable to get it and I don't see him getting it."

"He has done enough for the country and the more he tries the more unlikely he is to get it."

"(Raila amejaribu na hajapata, na sioni akipata. Amefanyia nchi kazi ya kutosha na akijaribu zaidi hatapata)," Koigi said.

The former lawmaker also called upon President Uhuru Kenyatta not to make any attempts to cling onto power after his retirement in 2022.


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