Wednesday January 1, 2020 - Ainabkoi Member of Parliament, William Chepkut, now wants Kenyans to prepare themselves for Deputy President William Ruto's presidency come 2022.

Speaking to the press at his home during the initiation ceremony of his son, Nicholas Kibiwot, Chepkut said Ruto is the only person who can unite the country which is now divided.

He emphasized that the DP is the only presidential candidate that has won the hearts of Kenyans not only from his backyard but across the country and abroad.
"I want to call upon Kenyans from all divides to prepare for William Ruto's presidency since he will clinch the presidency and become the country's 5th president,” Chepkut stated.

"As leaders allied to the Deputy President, we have given him our blessings and we will move across the country campaigning for him to ensure that he clinches the Presidency," added the Deputy President's ally. 

He hit out at those against William Ruto's Presidency terming them prophets of doom and that they will not succeed in their ill-intended motive. 

Deputy President William Ruto is expected to contest for the Presidency come 2022.


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