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Tuesday January 28, 2020 - Opposition Leader Raila Odinga continues to keep Kenyans guessing on whether he will seek to be the country’s fifth President in 2022 or will go for the premiership once the Building Bridges Initiative report is adopted.

Raila is waiting for the outcome of the plebiscite to give him direction on the next move as to whether he will go for the post in 2022.

Raila has of late come out in the open to state that BBI is not out to help him land power.

The former Prime Minister has even openly said that he has not come out to declare if he will run in 2022 or not but just using BBI to unite Kenya and he may not enjoy BBI political fruits.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Uhuru and Raila’s initial handshake deal was that come 2022, they keep out of active politics and not go for any seat.

According to sources, the secret pact was not to be made public as it was likely to derail the BBI process and would only be made known after the referendum is passed.

Insider sources revealed that both Uhuru and Raila see BBI as a project to redeem their political images, for generations to come, more than being in power.

To that effect, the duo is working on Uhuru’s succession putting in mind regional power sharing.


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