Sunday, January 26, 2020 -This guy has left no stone unturned after he addressed single mothers through a hard hitting post on facebook  that has left them baying for his blood.

The chap notes that few African men eat left overs and if a man decides to marry a single mother, he’s doing it out of pure love.

The guy is tired of seeing some single mothers still communicating with their baby daddies and even receiving financial support from them while others secretly meet with their ex-lovers for sex, despite being married by a man who made a huge sacrifice in taking another man’s kids as his own.

This nonsense of secretly communicating with your former sexual partners must stop! this habit of receiving money from your baby daddies must stop! this hogwash of taking your pussy to your baby father for dismantling must stop henceforth! also secretly taking your kid or kids to meet their dad every weekend must stop! we are tired of all this nonsense!!!” He notes.
"This is the year of choices and you must make informed choices coz after all choices have consequences, you must choose between your current hubby who felt pity and married you or your former pussy dismantlers who fucked and dumped you! Tumechoka na madharau zenu! If those dismantlers were soo good then why didn't they marry you?" He adds.

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