Generali Osumu JNR

How long will it take for Miguna Miguna to know that sometimes SILENCE can be the greatest and mightest weapon you can break tyrants with? His mouth and recklessness in talking is his biggest undoing so far.
Miguna is now becoming a renowned attention seeker and drama king. How is he going to be assisted when he literally listens, takes instructions and respects NOBODY except himself and himself ONLY!
He needs to understand by now that it's completely impossible for him to make a REVOLUTION possible through the likes and retweets he gets on social media. It requires more than being gross DISRESPECTFUL and extremely ARROGANT from every side of his everything. Miguna is so much ABUSIVE and RUDE to everyone else at any slightest provocation. Nobody even his own sympathizers can be able to assist him because of his unending arrogance.
He needs to understand that a revolution atleast needs MASSES, ORGANIZATION, MOBILIZATION, RESOURCES and an IDEA. Miguna has missed all these basic requirements to achieve his desired goals of staging a revolution. He can't organize since he's away from home and largely because he doesn't have the masses which believe in him because he completely doesn't have that idea which he is driving his agenda on. He just thrives in insults and disrespect over the authorities.
It will be very difficult for the Kenyan born Canadian Citizen to accomplish his mission to step into his motherland if at all he can't tame his much destructive mouth. He ought to learn that at times it requires a wise person to pretend to be a fool so that to get what he wants from 'fools' so that to further his wisdom.
How is he going to beat the enemy when he literally exposes his missiles to the same enemy prior to the day of war? He gets into s plane before it even leaves selfies and chest thumbing from him are all over social media! How is he going to win his battles when the only weapon he has is INSULTS and ARROGANCE?
Now his insults are largely directed to the President and H.E Raila Odinga. The Sugoi thug is conspicuously missing in these tags and now it's clear than the Canadian is under Sugoi Bank of Kenya payroll. Or rather I need to understand how he suddenly become a saint and stopped being a despot when he's part of the larger Jubilee mess which 1st sent the Canadian home to Toronto!
It's just difficult to be Miguna!



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