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Thursday, January 30, 2020 - J-Blessing’s baby mama, Avril, is back with a bang and this time round, she has decided to unleash juicy bikini photos that have left men panting like mad dogs.

The single mother of one still looks hotter than some college slay queens despite giving birth.

She paraded her voluptuous curves while striking sexy poses like a top model, leaving her timeline flooded with naughty comments from horny men.

Her music career might have flopped but her beauty is still irresistible.

See photos that she splashed online.


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  1. Avril a spoiled brat has no morals as a single mother and many more harlots like her bring shame and a stigma to the society that's why the society has more unmarried couples raising children,gay and lesbian couples,people living together without getting married,more mothers of young children working outside the home and last but not list more single women having children without a male partner to help raise them, all because of luck of discipline with their dirty gold mines assets between there legs to the media to get attention to foolish men and no one cares only a fool can get to her trap and that's the bottom line.