Sunday January 26, 2020 - Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria, has rebuked ODM leader, Raila Odinga, after he was allegedly manhandled at the BBI rally in Mombasa.

Taking to his social media platforms on Saturday, January 25, Kuria alleged that he had been accosted and manhandled by Peter Imwatok, the MCA for Makongeni Ward at the forum.

"Dear Raila Amolo Odinga."

"This is MCA Peter Imwatok of Makongeni, Nairobi, who accosted me, took away my BBI hat and even my seat at the Mombasa BBI meeting."
"He is also the ODM minority whip in Nairobi County. My fault? Refusing to stand up when Baba entered the venue."

"Question: Baba is this how Kenya would be if you were to become president?" he posed.

According to sources, Kuria was roughed up by several leaders and embroiled in a bitter exchange after he failed to stand up like the rest to give Raila Odinga, who was arriving at Mama Ngina Waterfront Park, the respect he deserves.

Kuria also had a roller-coaster moment at the forum later on after he was promised a chance to address the rally, following insistence from the crowd.

Moments before the MP graced the stage, the ODM leader called for an end of the forum which he said was becoming charged and left the venue.


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  1. And we are building bridges surely with this nonsense?

  2. No bridges here if the past rallies are anything to go by.Kwani where is this taskforce I also want to give my views ama they have sub contracted their work to baba