Tuesday, January 7, 2020 - The girlfriend of the US soldier who was killed on Sunday when Al Shabaab attacked Manda Bay in Lamu has written an emotional eulogy revealing that she was against his deployment to Kenya.

Taking to Facebook, the woman by the name Bajah Crane, who also serves in the US military, described the fallen soldier, Henry Mayfield Jr, as his ‘best friend’.

She also posted several photos of her and the 23-year old fallen soldier hanging out together.

She wrote: 

“I cannot believe I lost you,”

“Please stop asking me am I okay. No, I’m not."

“Just lost my best friend (so) what in the world would make you all think I’m okay,”

“Why just why God. My best friend. Why did God take you away from me?
“I never wanted you to be deployed. I never wanted you to be in Kenya."

“I just wish I could talk to you once last time. This breaks my heart so bad Mayfield."

“It broke me knowing you was leaving for 9 months and it hurt even worse knowing you really left this world,” she went on.

Manda Bay is used by the US military to train African partner forces, respond to crises and to protect US interests in the region.

About 200 US soldiers and 100 Pentagon employees & contractors are in Kenya to train & assist Kenyan forces in the fight against Somalia based terror group, Al Shabaab.

See the post and photos below.
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