Thursday, January 16, 2020 - An outspoken Jubilee Party MP has said that he is ready to pay the ultimate price for supporting Deputy President William Ruto’s Presidential quest in 2022.

Addressing the media in Nakuru on Wednesday, Bahati MP, Kimani Ngunjiri, said he is ready to die for supporting the DP.

Ngunjiri also accused the Government of double standards, adding that some leaders are being harassed for politicking, while others are being spared.
"We are ready to pay the price in standing with the DP."

"They can arrest us but they won’t stop his bid."

"The BBI meeting in Kisii was Raila Odinga’s campaign using State resources the same way he turned the 2005 referendum into a political party,” said the MP

He also accused Odinga of penetrating the Jubilee Party, adding that the former Prime Minister is now in a better position than the people who campaigned for Uhuru.

"We stood with the President in 2013 and 2017."

"Since his truce with Raila Odinga, his synergy with the deputy and his allies faded,” he said.


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  1. Raila campained for Kibaki more than even his kinsmen in 2002 and he was nowhere near power when Kibaki took over. What comes around goes around. Support whoever you want but for now we are tired of those we hear from you. Kenyans need peace.