Saturday, January 11, 2020 - A husband set a trap for his cheating wife and confirmed that she is dishing out her flesh after he caught her red handed locked in a shop that she runs busy having sex with another man.

The cheating wife told her husband that she had lost the shop’s padlocks and asked him for permission to spend the night at the shop and come home the following day.

The husband sensed something fishy was going on and decided to set a trap for his randy wife after giving her the greenlight.

He deployed people to follow her moves and after he was informed that she had been spotted together with a man alleged to be her secret lover entering the shop, he sought the help of police and arrived at his wife’s shop in the middle of the night and camped at the door.

The wife who was locked inside having sex with another man who happens to be her husband’s close friend refused to open the door despite the persistent knock from the police.
1 hour later, she opened the door after police threatened to break in and guess what, she came out of the shop with her husband’s friend, who was busy enjoying her goodies that night.

The poor man narrated how his wife of 17 years has been colluding with her mpango wa kando to take over his property.

However, his cheating wife defended herself and said that her husband has abandoned her for a long time, forcing her to look for sex services from his friend.

The man she was caught having sex with is already married and has two wives.

His wife was among those who came to witness the night drama that attracted area residents.

She said that her husband had lied to her that he will spend the night in a vigil but he was busy smashing another woman.

Watch video of the drama that ensued.

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