Thursday, January 30, 2020 - City socialite, Huddah Monroe, is back to her ratchet ways barely a month after she hinted that she wants to settle down.

The petite lass, who is among the pioneers of the socialite craze - which is a fancy name for high end prostitutes in Kenya, took to Instagram to flaunt her bare derriere while posing in one piece skimpy swimwear.

Just the other day, Huddah, 30, opened up about her ‘dirty’ past and revealed that she started hawking her flesh when she was 21 years old and stated that she’s now ready to settle down with one man.

She wrote on IG:

“There is a time at 21, I was a one night stand addict."

"I never slept with a nigga twice!"

“Never exchange numbers and if you see me in public pass me like we never met or I will embarrass you... Oh good old days.

“I’m almost 30 now! So many things disgust me now!”

“I know my husband is watching this.

“The Best woman to marry is Me! Madam Alhuda.

“Let me blow my own trumpet! I have seen it all. I’m ready to be the mother of your 5 Kids,”

Check out the photos below.


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